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My First Phaser Game


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Thank you tsphillips, I have a code where the enemies can only be killed after 150px, but I guess I must down this number almost to zero, what I want is to avoid invisible kills when enemies are outside screen. Thanks for your positive feedback, I am adding more enemies and a special attack for a little variety. Also want to add a leaderboard.. any idea about how can implement this??

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It's fun and can only get better with more refinement. Great job for game one's core. 


I ran into the same issue with creatures being invulnerable. Though it seemed like enemies ignored collisions with bullets that were already on screen when the enemy appeared. This was really noticeable once I had the 5-wide  projectiles.  


I think you could implement the high score board using local storage -- http://www.w3schools.com/HTML/html5_webstorage.asp. If local storage wasn't' supported you could used a cookie as a fallback. Though that would be more easily wiped.

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