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Horrible performance on mobile


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Hi friends, I have this game http://rocketcarrot.brace.io, it runs at 60 FPS even in my old Dell PC from 2009, the problem is noticed when run in mobile, I have a Nexus 4 and the FPS is between 20-25 (Chrome Browser) and as low as 10 FPS on Firefox. I've also noticed the sound is very laggy especially on Firefox. 


I tried to change to CANVAS mode, but it look worse! Thank you so much!

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Mobile Performance without a wrapper isn't as good as with it.
since you have to optimize your game for playing on mobile a lot,
one afford were to use something like cocoonJS for mobile - (appstore / google store / amazon store).

I have spend a lot of time optimizing my gamecode to run smooth on even the iPad mini1 (which has not a lot of power)
so it is possible. But since mobile-browsers are a lot slower than putting code into a native-wrapper
I would recommend you to use some kind of wrapper-

If you want your game to be accessible on browsers I think you have to do a lot of optimization

and of cause to skip some effects / heavy processes. :/

Or someone has a better idea~
(I can only report experiences from using native wrappers)

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First post I was able to run the game via a wrapper (cocoonJS is one of the fastest) at 60fps on iPad mini with meanwhile a lot of sprites, audio, some collision, a few update processes.


Summary of experiences on performance:


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Hi friend, thanks for answer. I see u got to tweak so many things... My game has:


One group for enemies (15 sprites).

One group for enemy bullets (50 sprites)

One group for player bullets (100 sprites)

One group for parachutes (10 sprites)

2 particle emitters for player engine

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particle emmiters are the ONE thing in my game that causes sudden framedrops..  i wonder how we could change this fact to the better (because particle emmiters are nice ^^)


my particle emmiters occur on explosions or on picking up powerups .. they emmit only 10 particles at a time, fade away and are gone.. but still from 59 fps down to 40 when a particle emmiter is set to explode :(

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- yes I'm serious about that particle-thing, but - hell - I've got no time :/
in cocoonJS one single particle effect causes 10 less fps, regenerating slowly.


;) that's good. - performance also depends on the device. I'm using an ipad Mini (1) for the low end testing.
You should always consider users which drive the highway with a bicycle.
Okay you don not have to support he iPhone 1 and such devices, but test with the low end device that you want at least to support.

What also causes a lot of frames were any use of bitmaps - generated content, backgrounds, fonts (around 10 fps more on mobile).

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