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Beginner with no experience


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I'm a complete beginner to html5 game development. I've dabbled in java enough to know it well enough but that's pretty much it. How should I begin to tackle making games in html5?


Should I try to learn javascript first and a bit of css and html on the side? I bought a book on html5 game development on amazon but it seems like it's a bit too advanced for me as the explanation in it are not enough and kind of expects me to already know javascript.


How did you get started at this?



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You should have asked on here first, I'm pretty sure no-one would have recommended that book :)


If you don't know how to code JavaScript then most html5 game dev books are going to be a stretch. They'll pretty much all assume you know how to code already, and just want to make games. Knowing Java isn't going to help you out much here I'm afraid. There is a great list of resources on the forum for beginners, I would start there. Or maybe some of the online training courses? Most (if not all) of them will teach JavaScript from the perspective of making web apps, but at least once you've got the basics down you can start with a better book (like Core HTML5 2D Game Programming by Geary) and apply it to games.

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Like Rich said, you probably want to learn JavaScript, at least the basics, before jumping in. It is definitely not hard and there are good resources available.


Eloquent JavaScript is a great foundation to start upon. There are also courses available for free at Codecademy (deals with basics mostly) and a wealth of content on YouTube.

After you get your bearings with JS I would recommend using Phaser with Palef's Discover Phaser ebook. It is the best starting place right now, in my opinion.

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I believe it's different for everybody, but the way I learn best is by picking a project (preferably a simple one) and learning as I go.


You need to make a menu screen ... look for tutorials to make buttons etc.


Take things one step at a time and start easy.


There are some great HTML5 frameworks out there, which make things a lot easier ...


Phaser (awesome framework)

Panda JS (my choice, I LOVE it)

Kiwi Js



There are also options you can take if you don't want to code ...


Construct 2 (awesome software)

Fusion 2.5



Hope this helps :)

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Im not sure i would recommend going directly for a framework, it may be benefitial to learn js basics before delegating the clutter to a framework.

I think the best way to progress is just experimenting while getting visual feedback to keep you stimulated :)

Set up a basic canvas render loop and make the rectangles dance, fly and make babies. Once you get going there's no end in sight of the possibilities in front of you.

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