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Flash to Html5


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Is it possible to convert these baby flash games to html5?I have tried adobe html5 canvas.But the games are very heavy,working very slow on browser,and devices.What is the right way to do this?Or any other way to do these games in html5?




Hi Teena, do you know WiMi5? You can try its game editor to do these games in HTML5.

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Hi @Teena


Honestly, from looking at the games, I think it will be quite time consuming to recode the games, no matter what software you end up using.


The problem is that you have a lot of graphics / character body parts to export and animate and I don't believe there is a simple way to do this.


It's not hard coding wise, it just looks like a lot of work.

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We tried to port some of our Flash games straight over to javascript with OpenFL and honestly it was a disaster. ActionScript and JavaScript look so much the same it only took me a few days to do the conversion by hand. Just pick your favorite framework and go. Much better results, IMO.

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