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html5 range input slider focus issue


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I have two divs side by side, one containing the game and the other containing some html5 range inputs. (I require a complicated GUI so am using DOM for this)


The issue is that phaser somehow causes a strange issue where range sliders won't work until i've clicked inside the phaser game div.


The below behaviour occurs if i do not click inside the game div first:

In firefox: If I drag a slider it works, but as soon as the mouse is moved away from the slider, the slider jumps back to its initial value.

In chrome: if i drag the slider it becomes stuck to the mouse, even if I let go of the mouse button. I can no longer click any other element (no buttons or anything) and I can't click in the game div either to fix the issue. I have to close the browser and restart.


Internet explorer however works fine (what??)


Is there any way to fix this other than just using textboxes instead of sliders?





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