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Found 11 results

  1. Hello. I tried to get a kind of focus helper with the mouse when the pointer rolls over an item. but i can get a good easing when the mouse are hover a element. I do not know if I explain myself well, but I will try. i use the pointerLock API. when the mouse icon get hover a new elements, i want to help the mouse to move to center of element. But without disturbing the control of the mouse. the idea is to create a focus helper to center the pointer on the elements when the mouse has a contact with the outlines. i try my best to make a codepen. for acti
  2. Hi there, everytime I have to make a game that pauses when the canvas loses the focus (jquery blur()) I struggle with lines and lines of stupid lines of javascript and I´m pretty sure there´s something simpler than my way to do that. I have a normal sprite on the game that pauses/unpauses the game, and I would like to do exactly the same when the canvas focus/blur... how do you guys handle this?
  3. I want to run myPixi.ticker.stop() when the window loses focus in any way, eg minimize, click a different tab or even closing the window. Q: Is there a javascript event that covers all the possibilities? Q2: Is there a javascript event that covers all possible methods of a window regaining focus, eg a return from minimize, reclicking the tab etc?
  4. Hi everyone, i was trying to pause a scene when the browser window is not active(eg. user switches tab, ctrl/cmd+tab, another window is currently focus,etc). To pause the scene, i need the background music and all animations to be paused, below playground example shows my approach: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#1MZCTQ I got two results: 1. when I click on another window(for example a notepad) that overlapped the browser, the notepad is now focus and the browser is blur, hence both sound and animation are paused, this is expected; 2. when I ctrl/cmd+tab or manu
  5. Hi, I have a game with audio and for some reason it still playing when out of focus I used the same code from other game that don't behave like this.. why is that? this.load.audio('msx_main', ['assets/audio/main.ogg', 'assets/audio/main.mp3']); var msx_main = this.game.add.audio('msx_main'); msx_main.play("",0,0.2,true); It does stop on IOS but not on desktop or Android HELP!!! Thank you
  6. I have an button in my game where I am popping a Facebook share window using Facebook SDK for JavaScript. When I interact with the popup and close it, the entire game show's a hand cursor and behaves as if it is the button. Anywhere I click on the screen will launch the popup again. I found that I can stop this behavior by adding the code at the bottom of this function, but then I have to click on the game to regain its focus before I can click on another button. Anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this? shareThis.inputEnabled = true;shareThis.input.useHandCursor = true;shareThis.even
  7. Is there any way to force my game to be in focus if it loses it so I don't have to click on it before I can start interacting with it? This happens if I click on the game, drag off of it, and mouse up in IE.
  8. So I have been fighting with focus issues for days now and it's driving me crazy. I would appreciate any input you seasoned canvas devs might have. I just switched my game from another JS engine to Phaser and lo and behold - my focus issues were gone! The game starts with focus every time. Awesome. After a little more development on my Phaser version of my game, I rename my game_phaser.php page to index.php so it will auto-load on my page - suddenly no focus! However... this focus issue ONLY happens when I access my page directly through my domain forwarding. It's set up like this: My ga
  9. Hey, I have two divs side by side, one containing the game and the other containing some html5 range inputs. (I require a complicated GUI so am using DOM for this) The issue is that phaser somehow causes a strange issue where range sliders won't work until i've clicked inside the phaser game div. The below behaviour occurs if i do not click inside the game div first: In firefox: If I drag a slider it works, but as soon as the mouse is moved away from the slider, the slider jumps back to its initial value. In chrome: if i drag the slider it becomes stuck to the mouse, even if I let go of
  10. Hello everyone, I am developing with Phaser for a few weeks and got stuck with an issue that themes to be Phaser sited. You can see the code below-> The soundfile is only playing if the loaded game is touched. (Themes to be a focus-problem?) There is no function etc. around the code below. The soundfiles are very small and encoded very fast. I'm using latest Phaser (2.0.7) and cocoonjs (2.0.2). This issue themes to be affect every iOS Device. Maybe someone can help. cheers, Code: preload: this.load.audio('menu', ['assets/audio/menu.mp3', 'assets/audio/menu.ogg']);create: this.menuMusic
  11. Hi all, random problem here, wondering if anyone has had it - we're trying to develop a facebook game which consists of a Phaser app running in an iFrame. It all works great, but for some reason, the keyboard keys never register in IE10. We've tried ensuring the iFrame has focus, tried setting game.stage.disableVisibilityChange to false and to true, but cannot for the life of us figure out why the Phaser app can't control the keyboard from within an iFrame. Does anyone know if there's a way, maybe from the parent document, to allow Phaser to capture the keys? Thanks in advance, Nick
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