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Developing off-line, music and Ajax requests


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I have started to use Howler for sounds in my game. However, Chrome does not like to look up sounds on the computer, saying that 'XMLHTTPrequests are only supported for the http protocol'. Thus I started to upload my code to an FTP server each time I made a change. Of course this is quite inefficient because of all the waiting time and the easy confusion between files(local copy vs. remote copy) so I was wondering: How do you cope with this problem?

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Is there an OSX specific way to configure my local machine as a web server? Or will I need to install either apache or python as mentioned above?

I've just started a new job and it has involved switching to mac, leaving me with a lot to catch up on!


[Edit] oh, it seems I already do have python installed! Like I say, I have a lot to learn about using a mac...  :lol:

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