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c9.io - a nice alternative to a local webserver


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Just wanted to say that I've had great success getting Phaser working just fine in c9.io. 

All I had to do was 

1) set up an account on c9.io (you can log in with your github account which is very convenient for the steps below).

2) clone phaser on github

3) go to c9.io and look at  your own projects, and clone the phaser one into c9.io

4) go into docs>hello phaser and open the index.html

5) hit "preview" in the c9 UI


it works!


I was also able to go into the examples>index.php and open that file and chose "run" and it ... just works! because c9.io has php built in as well.


It really take a ton of the hassle out of getting a wamp server running, and all  your code changes etc are already in the cloud via github.

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Here's something that took me really long to figure out: if you put your stuff in a 'private' project, you won't be able to load assets and such. Very nice cloud IDE, perfect for playing around with Phaser when you're not supposed to...

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