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backFaceCulling for cube


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So you have a camera inside the cube?  BackFaceCulling is part of the material and IS true by default. 


If you really are asking how to set it to false:

var mat = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("name", scene);mat.backFaceCulling = false;

If you will only ever be on the inside, and you know blender, I suggest getting a cube then flipping the normals, so the inside is the front side.  painting 12 nu-neccesary faces is not a big deal though. 

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hi jc;

thanks for response.. :-)
i applied material backfaceculling false also but it visible.. what i want to achieve is when we apply backFaceCulling = false to plane, it will not visible its back face right.. like that, i need in box also is it possible..?

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first thing we need to get straight here is what is culling.  It means do NOT draw.  Setting to false means it IS drawn.  If you do not want the backside of something drawn, leave it at the default of true.


2nd thing is how are you seeing a material on the inside of a cube?  An outside face is always going to be drawn.

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