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Pre-release of an app for devs


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Hi, i want to present an app for developers that will be available soon on the play store, and gather some feedback about it.

The app is built with cordova-crosswalk and gives the opportunity to developers to test games or general html projects through a small javascript library very easy to use with very few line of codes u can have access to the mobile native functionality and of course the app will be free.


How it works

  1. Open the app and add the javascript library to your current project
  2. Create a new project in the app with url(online or local server) and name
  3. Open the project and start the fun, your project will be opened from an iframe inside the app and with the js library u can communicate with the app giving native commands
  4. For a very fast debug u can use chrome usb debug and check the console log error having a full view of the entire app



Here a list of the main features, hope to add new things based on devs feedback


  • debug app with chrome usb - adb
  • device information(platform, model, version, uuid, mobile/tablet check, language, network)
  • control screen orientation
  • control status bar
  • native accelerometer data in real time
  • native compass data in real time
  • admob controls
  • filemanager write/read/delete text file on the app installation folder
  • social share with screenshot of the current page


Future plans


1.    realease the app for android

2.    gather feedback, add functionality

3.    realease the app for ios

4.    build another app that will be used as a service for developers with the same features of the testing app, where you can publish games hosted on your own server getting the full credit and gaining visibility and money through admob




Im just posting here to get some feedback about the idea and looking for game developer interested on the point 4. of future plans section, if you are interested in the project u can send me and email [email protected]



Screenshot preview

Attached u can find a preview of the app debug on chrome.



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