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IS this a good approach to learning pixi


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Hi gang!


I am new to PIXI after finally getting off of the flash bandwagon.

So, is a good approach to learning PIXI by:


A. Study canvas, since they seem similiar in that you can draw paths and primitive graphics?


B. Go through all of the examples and study them till i know it like the back of my hand

I know there is not much tutes out, I want to create mainly engaging websites not games.

Specifically a circle that spins in three 3d..will i need threejs for that? Which example corresponds best with that?


C. Gonna start searching the forums and and pieces of my answer and hopefully cobble something together...


D. I really dont want to buld side scrolling games, just engaging websites.. is that parallax tutorial still useful to learn?








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Specifically a circle that spins in three 3d..will i need threejs for that? 

Yes, Pixi is just a 2D rendering engine, so ThreeJS (or BabylonJS) is what you need for 3D.


Just be aware that, while you're learning, most of the tutorials out there are for Pixi versions 1 and 2.

The current version, 3, is what what you get from the GitHub repo (https://github.com/GoodBoyDigital/pixi.js/)

There are some small but significant API changes, and there's no upgrade guide for end users.

So you might be on your own digging through the source code for a bit to figure out what's new and what's been deprecated.

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