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New Pixi Book


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Since I've been asked a couple times now, I figured it is a good time to announce.


I am writing a book about Web Gaming and Pixi.js




I hope to have it out this year, and hope all of you will sign up for notifications on the book's page.





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Cool, is it possible to include a bit about making web sites or motion interactive pieces adn not just games... ?

This book will definitely be focused on making games with pixi. That doesn't mean that the information won't be useful for non-game applications. Most of the book will be about pixi itself and using it, which translates just about anywhere. Depending on interest and the success of this book, I'm open to working on more content.

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Yup, I would prefer some general chapters (non-game related) about visual effects with PIXI.js, too!


Especially, some hints about performance optimizations and best-practises for cross-platform/cross-browser development when using Pixi.js.

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I think if the book is about Web Gaming and Pixi.js then the non-game related information could be useful if in there but really the information required for games would most likely cover everything anyway. Readers looking for non-gaming related stuff could just extract that information while reading the book. Guides are best for specific things, but to distract from the topic will probably cause confusion for people that buy the book based on it's title and description.

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