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3d web fest

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Hi guys, 


My project Character Study (http://www.visualiser.fr/Babylon/character/default.htm) will be showcase at the 3d web fest in San Francisco the  May 13th 2015. That's pretty cool. I'm about 12 hours of flight of SF, so someone of the web3dfest team will do it for me. More info here : http://www.3dwebfest.com/




Cheers !



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My first thought was, based on the 2.1 update description for shadows:

 - Complete shadows code rework: New bias property for ShadowGenerator, new orthogonal shadows for directional shadows,   automatic projection size for directional lights, new BlurVarianceShadowMap filter.    See [demo](http://www.babylonjs.com/?SOFTSHADOWS). Documentation updated [here](http://babylondoc.azurewebsites.net/page.php?p=22151)  ([deltakosh](http://www.github.com/deltakosh))

Are there any improvements just switching to 2.1?

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It's done, it s a perfect past of the 1.14 version. I made the same change in 2.1 that I made in 1.14 (very minor change). Shadows don't render the same way.


1.14 is here


2.1 is here


For the shadow here is the only declaration  :   

 Basis.shadowGenerator = new BABYLON.ShadowGenerator(2048 , this.light);  


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Hi Sam,


Maybe adding the bias to 0 for the useBlurVarianceShadowMap 

Basis.shadowGenerator.useBlurVarianceShadowMap = true;Basis.shadowGenerator.bias = 0;

And put the light less in height  (position.y: 3000 is much)

this.light.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(100, 100, 50);
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