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hi!, heellpp!, looking a lot and can't find a way to use multiple same sprites in one single draw call! -->read more pls! helpp!


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hi, sorry, but I'm really frustated,  at least I know, it's possible to make a batching of your sprites, if you make from the same texture, this will can count as one single draw call,

but how you can do that?,  (I don't mean to convert all tiles to bitmap), I mean for example, I have an spritesheet of four objetcs, it;s same texture, so I can draw four and count only as a one draw call,  or more simple, just draw the same object, don't be count as only one draw call?, someone know something about this?? i'm really need to know this




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yes, already do that, but that only work when you have backgrounds sprite, I need to change children index to put sprite above or behind me, I read than you can using spritesheets pow of 2, and when you got a texture from that, you can save a draw call if you call multiple sprites of same texture, at least the logic say this is possible (unity with static and dinamic batching, pixi with texture bashing), but here I can't do this, it's possible? or simple not?


another question enpu, I see create a container it's a draw call too, it's a same expensive have a empty container for draw call, than a sprite?, because I have sprites inside containers for get a better child index in the main container.



really thanks for answer it!

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