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saving and loading meshes


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hi all,
i can achieve the scene saving and loading, but what i expecting is i want to save the single mesh and its child instead of saving all the scene.then i want to load the saved mesh. how i can achieve this.kindly suggest me some eg and method to achieve


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Hi vahith,



The SceneSerializer doesn't have this functionality. Adding it should not be a problem - but! we are in a code freeze for version 2.1. So, no new features :-)

What you can do however is use the scene serializer, then iterate through all of the meshes and remove the ones you don't need.

If you are looking for a way to load a single mesh, JohnK gave you the best answer - ImportMesh of the scne loader will load a single mesh from an entire babylon file.

I will keep that as a feature for 2.2. Maybe more people are interested in such a functionality.

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@RaananW true to your word I see you have added SerializeMesh to 2.2. Unfortunately I am having problems getting it to work.


Using testsave.html I used console.log() to output and copy the JSON string and copied it to testbox.babylon. The using testload.html I tried using ImportMesh to load the mesh and just got a blankscreen.


When I modified testsave.html by changing

var serializedMesh = BABYLON.SceneSerializer.SerializeMesh(box);

to saving the whole scene

var serializedMesh = BABYLON.SceneSerializer.Serialize(scene);

and copied the resulting JSON string into testboxscene.babylon and then used testload.html (changing the filename) I obtained the correct mesh.



Any help would be much appreciated.


Over the last few weeks I have been plodding on with my project and have just got to the part when I want to save and open particular meshes so the SerializeMesh function is just what I want, well nearly - but one thing at a time.

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@Ranaan thank you for that - now the cheeky bit. I am creating "models" which are combinations of one or more meshes. So for me it would be very useful if SerializeMesh could take as its first parameter not only a single mesh but also an array of meshes in the same way that ImportMesh can take a single mesh name or an array of mesh names.


Would that be too much of a problem?

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I have edits to FileLoader for: Mesh.FreezeWorldMatrix(), Material.checkReadyOnlyOnce, & Camera.setCameraRigMode().  Also AbstractMesh for _waitingFreezeWorldMatrix.


Just updated for your MultiMaterials check.  Are you planning to update these in the next day or so?  If so, I probably should PR what I have so far, even without testing yet.  These are new .babylon fields & it is early in alpha, so errors unlikely to impact others.



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I might be a bit slow but I get there in the end. I have worked out how to use SerializeMesh to save an array of meshes.

       var serializedMesh;       var meshes_to_save = {                        "materials": [],                        "geometries":    {    "boxes":[],                                            "spheres":[],                                            "cylinders":[],                                            "toruses":[],                                            "grounds":[],                                            "planes":[],                                            "torusKnots":[],                                            "vertexData":[]                        },                        "meshes": []            };        for(var i = 0; i<meshesArray.length; i++) {            serializedMesh = BABYLON.SceneSerializer.SerializeMesh(meshesArray[i]);                       meshes_to_save["materials"].push(serializedMesh["materials"][0]);            meshes_to_save["geometries"]["vertexData"].push(serializedMesh["geometries"]["vertexData"][0]);            meshes_to_save["meshes"].push(serializedMesh["meshes"][0]);        }        var strMesh = JSON.stringify(meshes_to_save);
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Hi John,


I have already implemented a solution, but I am not happy with the result, mainly due to one (silly!) little thing - the name of the function, SerializeMesh hints (clearly :-) ) that it serializes a single mesh. So a new functions should be implemented, SerialzeMeshes. but this is just semantics!... The ImportMesh does exactly the same thing - it can load a few meshes or just one single mesh. It is still called ImportMesh and not ImportMeshes... 

In my new implementation the serialize mesh function accepts either a mesh or an array of meshes. I just need to mentally accept it :-)

I will soon push my changes, I guess later on today.

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Hi John, I just pushed a new version of the SerializeMesh function, extending its functionality. It no accepts either an array of meshes or a single mesh. There is also a flag - withParents (boolean) to add the meshes' parents to the serialization party.

Wait a bit until it is integrated into the main js file and play with it, let me know if its working as you wanted.

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SerializeMesh( meshes_array)  works just as I needed thank you very much. Will be trying out the setting parents option in the next few days when I get to that bit in my project.


Thank you again.

Cannot set your previous post as the answer as I did not start the thread.

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