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Unsupported animation in 3dsmax Babylon export?


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I have an animated character scene that has an animated, rigged, skinned mesh for the character and some other rigged meshes for equipment. Babylon doesn't like how the equipment is animated when I export from 3dsmax to Babylon it doesn't animate the equipment meshes. I'm not sure whats special about the equipment meshes I think they are transforms?

Here is a video of the animation rendered from 3dsmax:

Here is a video of the animation exported to Babylon:


I'm not sure whats going on here I got the model from a 3rd party and animation is not my skill set. Heres a closer look at one of the helmet meshes that should be animated.
The modifiers are Xform, Material, Symmetry, Editable Poly. 

Hopefully someone can explain why this is broken and if I can fix it. Or what the proper way is to handle these animations.

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@deltakosh I thought about that too. The video I have of the rigged babylon export is coming from when I use the Babylon 3dsmax exporter and hit `export & run`. It auto magically opened a localhost browser window and triggered the character animation. So I'm not sure what kind of setup it did for the animation. When I imported the `.babylon` file into my project I had to manually trigger the animation like:

var warrior = scene.meshes[0];      warrior.skeleton = scene.skeletons[0];      scene.beginAnimation(warrior.skeleton,0,325,true,1.0);

So its possible some of the other scene.meshes might have to be animated similarly?

@dad72 You want me to PM you the files? I can share my code project that has this effect with you guys as well

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@deltakosh can you clarify?

What do you mean 

Can you try to add mesh to your bones?


Where do I do that in 3dsmax? in the .babylon file? Again I don't really know what I'm doing in 3dsmax so the more direction the better.

you may just have to export your bones with renderable = true


Same questions. Do I set that in the 3dsmax file?

Thanks everyone for the quick replies.

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