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Babylonjs.com Home page suggestion


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Right now its single page application. In my opinion better option would be to have all the demo/examples open in separate page/tab. So that everyone can check the code of all feature specific demos very quickly easily.  In my opinion that would be good on-boarding strategy to get prospect developers interested very quickly.  Because babylon.js has always been about Simplicity and highlighting how simply a feature is implemented in babylon would be good thing to do.


Another thing is people can share links of specific demo. 


#JustASuggestion  #FeelFreeToDeleteThisThreadIfNotRelevant

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It would imply that the creator of the sample describes clearly what the code is doing to be searchable. Creating a search engine is complex and would cost money to maintain.


The Playground has been created to be help people learning and share with the community. And we're using it also in the tutorials of our documentation.


But maybe we can find way to better optimize that.   

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What I was thinking was, when someone finds out about any framework/library , they come straight to its website. And normal all website has link to Example and Documentation in main navigation menu. We have link to documentation. Babylonjs.com have examples straightaway on the home page. That's even better. And Babylonjs.com has examples specific to features , that's great.  But if the examples would open in new page (new tab), it would be very easy to just right click and view source and see how simply that feature is implemented in Babylon. This is how I thought. As doing this doesn't require much maintenance or development effort too, I guess.  

But anyway may be its just me who feel this way because when I jumped on babylon.js I was beginner and it took me to time to find out the code of the examples on home page and this might not be true for most prospect developers. 

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I agree with dsman, I'm always annoyed by website which don't provide the ability to open links in new tabs.


In terms of design, I love the main page sliding to the left, but opening DEMOS in new tabs would be a usefull and practical improvement.


BTW, the github link on the FEATURES TESTS is just a perfect addition!

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