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How to get a "warp speed" effect

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Hi there! I have the need to create a "warp speed effect", this will happen at the end of each level and then the scene will restart on the next level, the effect simulates a ship going to the speed of light.


At the end of each scene, i will have more than 70 meshes moving independently so i am looking for a performant way of achieving this effect, what do you guys think is the correct way to implement this? i am a bit lost on where to start, not sure if i can use an animated gif, a video, use particles systems or ribbons. Also would be good to know if there is already an example of something similar.


BTW, if you search at google images for "warp speed effect" you will get the idea of what i'm looking for. Thanks!

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Yes!, babylon is awesome and i'm just starting to investigate the amazing universe of shaders, but as i'm very new to it i'm going to take my time on that.


Also, i found a nice example of porting a shadertoy example to threejs (, and looking at your blog post (thank you for that!) i'm starting to work on this.


I think that the playground and CYOS are limited for this task, so i created a new plnkr => 


I'm hoping that anybody that understands very well the shaders languaje and that threejs example can give me some tips while working on this to accelerate the task, THANKS!

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I can do that interstellar shader no problem if y'all really need it.

*EDIT*  whoops scratch that! Adam already did it.

"how to add warp effect in babylon game" -> Check out adams PG it shows how.

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