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Animating Faces


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Your example looks like the animation is done with materials.  I had been playing with 'voice syncing' (as opposed to 'lip syncing') using geometry / morphing.  I am therefore dependent a supply of uniform meshes.  Make Human looks like it will that source.


I have no idea how to pull this off using materials.  Your set of problems doing it this way is vastly different.

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The Legos facial animations are all done with animated textures.  This can be as simple as conditional variable changes representing different textures.  But it all depends on whether you want 2D character faces or 3D character faces.  2D is of course animated textures or image sequences.  However, for 3D meshes and animation, blinking eyes are often hemispheres rotated over 2 or 3 frames to close over the eyeball.  Other facial such as expressions and speech are tytpically blendshapes.

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