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why fps is not regularly working in chrome?


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yes, but i found that it wasn't pixi.js 's issue.


when i turn off hardware acceleration in chrome. fps regularly works as 60.


does anyone know about this issue?


Yes I have the same issue :(
If you search on the web, solution is to turn off hardware acceleration like you did.
But you'll see that the issue will appear again with acceleration off. If you turn it on again, you'll get 60fps again.
Few times after, the fps fall down again and you 'll start an infinite on/off loop trying to resolve the issue :(
I didn't found any solid fix for this intermittent bug that occurs randomly on some computers :(
PS: It's a chrome issue not pixi
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Has anyone found a permanent fix for this? One thing I have noticed is that I only get this problem on my secondary or third monitor but not my primary monitor (Win7/Google Chrome). This is effecting user experience of many chrome users of my games. Any ideas? :)

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