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Wild Terra - multiplayer life simulator in a fully player-driven medieval world


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Wild Terra

Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/500710/




RPG and sandbox hybrid with building, crafting, gathering, farming and land claiming elements. There is no NPCs in game so the only way to get something is to create it by yourself or trade from other players... or take it with brutal force.

Huge world. Free spaces of huge sizes where everyone can find his own place. No squares or corners only pleasant graphics in middle ages style. A lot of unique places would make your journey full of discoveries. Search for treasures and you'll be rewarded.

  • Gather and hunt. Hey! What's growing here? Is it eatable? And who' is there in a bushes? Is it a hair? What are we going to do with it? Harvest all you can. You'll need everything in your journeys. Take stone and branch and you got an axe. Can't catch a rabbit? Try to craft a bow. Is it done? Then go hunting. Would you try to hunt a boar or a deer? Campfire is awesome but it's time to think about your own house.
  • Build and craft. From shelter to castle. Free building everywhere you desire. Multi-storey buildings. Dozens of materials of any kind, hundreds of schemes and crafting chains. Farming, gathering, husbandry, logging. Terraforming, planting, road building and water canals.
  • Fight and win. Dozens types of weapon and armor with different mixes of skills and perks for use in combat. You don't need to wait too long. All newbie have a chance to win. Your personal skills are the way to victory. From local pvp to global battles. Build catapult and destroy enemy's castle. You want safety? You'll get safe zones with indestructible buildings and no loot drop after death.

Start as a survivor - become a medieval king - Early Access - Play right now!

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Nice - which version of Phaser are you using? (I want to feature this game on the Phaser site, but I have to be sure first! A few times I've seen games posted here that say they are made with Phaser just for some free exposure, even when they aren't :) - so anything you could share to convince me would be awesome!)

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Currently we are using latest stable version of Phaser engine.
That greate tool that allow to us focus on game mechanics.
Our primary point is self-made isometric view - in begin it was based on your implementation, but now it completly own - we can share it, but its 'our implementation' and it require more time to 'generalize'.
Most important and most troubled place currenly - its huge memory usage... we are trying to create lazy loading of content and lazy initializing of textures.. but in feature we should switch to 3d rendering... maybe integrate it with tree.js
For sure, we would like to be partners and can share our goals and our problems with you and peoples, that want to use phaser =)

And of course, we would like to include shader effects and other gl features.. but currently we dont have anyone with that expirence.


Sorry my bad English :)

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Free Open Test Version



Free test server open again. Your health and stamina is constant on them, all recipes and buildings are available immediately, growing and production is very quick.
Test client work separately from the main and doesn't interfere with play.

Download test client

New features in version 0.7.17

  • Added the client version in German.
  • Implemented dynamic loading of graphics, thereby accelerate launch of the game and reduce the amount of memory used.
  • Dynamic loading and unloading music from memory.
  • Realized the effect of silence, allows blocking game chat for the punished players. Be polite to each other.
  • Added noble dominium. It can not be placed close to the neighbours, can only be made an outbuilding to it.
  • Now you can cultivate pumpkins and grapes.
  • Added the possibility to extract sinews and bones of animals, you can use them as materials.
  • Crafted leather armor is now displayed.
  • Updated graphics for doors and added extra durable door.
  • Updated appearance of ballista.
  • Added a more capacious brick stove for cooking.
  • Added a clay boiler for cooking and boiling. You can get Hardened Leather through boiling.
  • Many of the icons for items were redrawn.


  • Under low memory, the game is no longer closed in the boot.
  • Fixed icons in the display of requirements for weaving materials.
  • Corrected graphics for the drawbridge.
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This is amazing, congratz on your projects, I have a ton of questions but my main is this, how much time did it take for you to code this, and how much time did it take to create the graphics?


Just trying to figure out the amount of work something like this requires, thanks in advance!


Big yay for Phaser!

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This is amazing, congratz on your projects, I have a ton of questions but my main is this, how much time did it take for you to code this, and how much time did it take to create the graphics?


Just trying to figure out the amount of work something like this requires, thanks in advance!


Big yay for Phaser!


we are doing this project for almost a year, working on it a small team, ~10 people

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Help Wild Terra to become one of the best "Indie of the Year 2015"


Wild Terra became one of the nominees for the title of the best indie game in 2015.

Support us by clicking on the link, and press Vote!

1 day until the end of voting!

December 11 will be announced the voting results and selected 100 of the best indie games of the year.


Everyone who votes has a chance to get a free key to one of these games!



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A year has passed since the alpha-test of Wild Terra started.

During this year, the game evolved and changed rapidly. It's difficult to imagine, but one year ago there was even no chatting and running features in Wild Terra. For newcomers it was especially difficult, because at that time the game did not even have a beginner’s guide. Hundreds of bugs were found and fixed, thanks to you! The most helpful testers were granted with the Duke keys.


During this year we added a huge amount of content to the game, a lot of new recipes, building schemes, craft chains, and much more. Along with the addition of new content, we constantly updated the graphics of the game.


This is how Wild Terra looked before:



Now everything looks way better, right?



We also updated the audio of the game: we’ve added background music and sounds to most actions in the game. 8 months ago, when we didn't have a test server, we had to perform two wipes. We again apologize for the inconvenience. 


The current number of Wild Terra servers exceeds one dozen. People from all over the world play the game — we even have players from Reunion. :)


With such a wide geography, the game has been translated into 10 (!) languages: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese and Bulgarian. 


During 2015, we held a few contests and free key distributions. 

Wild Terra made it into the Top 100 Indie Games list of the year, according to IndieDB. The 10 best games are being chosen by gamers right now. Vote for Wild Terra to help us achieve a place in the list!



We have become partners with Gamepedia and opened an official wiki page which is edited and updated by our active players.


Here you can find a summary of what the press thinks of our project.


We were together to celebrate Halloween, and we hope you are going to join us on Christmas.

Click here to read about what the Wild Terra developers have planned for next year.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! In 2016, we will give our best effort to provide you with the best gaming experience!


Keep up the news, folks! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Free Open Test

Winter has come to the Wild Terra. Open free test server for testing version 0.7.22. The rates on the test server is increased x5 times and all timers accelerated.

We ask you to pay particular attention to testing. Help us to look for bugs, report them in detail, and you will get a reward when the tests are completed.

Test client works separately from the main and does not interfere with play.


Download the test client: http://files.playwildterra.com/dev/


New in 0.7.22


Winter has come, the waters were frozen, the ground and trees is covered with snow.

Added christmas buildings, decorations, gifts and apparel. To get them, you have to obtain new materials.

Look rare snowflakes in the snow, smite the Santa's deers to get the gifts for Christmas!

Throwing snowballs, decorate the Christmas tree, sculpt snowmen, give gifts to neighbors and receive gifts from them!

Put a gift under the door of a neighbor, and an hour later there will be a random gift.

Hang in a safe place Christmas stocking and go to sleep. After 8 hours, check that you got as a gift!

From hares, wolves and bears can now obtain wool, from which to produce wool fabric.

Added snowdrifts and new plant madder, the roots of which are used for dyeing the wool and linen fabric.

From trees is sometimes possible to cut with a knife branch of mistletoe.

Branches and cones can be cut from fir tree with a knife.

Added iron and steel scissors for weaving.

Added a potter's wheel, which is required for making the pots.

Updated graphics for the log. Colors for the door have been corrected.

Updated graphics for the iron armor, added graphics for the steel armor.




Changed interface of crafts and buildings to be able to display more materials.

Duration of offline period before dominiums start receiving damage is increased up to 1 week.

Gobelins now can't block the passage.

The mill is now also can grind the bones and the roots of the madder.

Optimized loading of map tiles.

Optimized display of other players movement, they now move more smoothly.

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Christmas Holidays in Wild Terra! Update 0.7.22




We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Our team wants to give you a holiday mood!

From December 23 to January 8, a special holiday event will be going in Wild Terra. There will be new content that we’ve added recently: gifts, snowmen, festive costumes, snowballs… Lots of new stuff!

To get the presents, Christmas costume, and a special title faster, you can purchase our new Christmas bundle



All regular bundles will be on sale at Christmas! Please note that they were reworked: there are less of them now.


Winter has come to the world of Wild Terra. Woods and glades are covered with snow. Lakes are frozen, and they are no longer an obstacle.

Play snowballs, make snowmen, present gifts, decorate your houses and don’t forget about a Christmas tree!


Tests are stopped. Update 0.7.22 is on live servers now. Thank you for the help with testing!


More information:

0.7.22 New features

We’ve added new Christmas structures, items, gifts and clothes. To get them, you’ll have to gather new materials.

Search for rare snowflakes in the snow or hunt deers to get Christmas presents!

Play snowballs, make snowmen, decorate a Christmas tree, present gifts to your neighbors and you won't be left without one too!

Leave a present at your neighbor’s door and after an hour a random gift will appear.

Hang a Christmas sock in a safe place and go to sleep. After 8 hours check it again to see what you’ve got.

Hunt hares, wolves and bears to acquire wool, which can be worked into wool cloth.

We’ve added snowdrifts and a new plant (madder). Roots of this plant are used for dyeing wool and flax cloth.

Cut mistletoe’s branches from trees with a knife.

Cut fir cones and branches with a knife.

Iron and steel scissors were added to weaving craft.

Potter’s wheel was added to the game. You’ll need it to craft pots.

Updated graphics of the wooden hut, fixed door colors.

Updated graphics of iron armor, added graphics of steel armor.



Craft and building UI was changed to make more room for needed materials.

Time before the dominium dilapidation starts increased from 3 to 7 days

Carpets don’t block the way anymore.

Windmill now a also grinds bones and mistletoe roots

Optimized loading of map fragments.

Optimized movement of other players. Now they move smoothly.

Game client translations updated. If you want to help us with the localization into your native language, contact us via email: [email protected]

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  • 3 weeks later...

New Server - New Features


It’s not a secret that currently we’re focusing on the server development for Wild Terra, which will add new interesting features to the gameplay for players and new opportunities for us as developers. So, what’s coming up?

Unique world
First, the biggest change is a breakaway from our standard map. Each server will have it’s unique landscapes and points of interest generated randomly. It will allow everyone to find a corner for oneself and arrange it as he/she wants. Rivers, roads, and mines will appear in the game. Mines will be rich with rare resources, and their addition will lead to fights for control over them.


Thereby the world will cease to be static — resource generation rate and size of the map will depend on a number of players on the server. It will allow to solve problems connected with the resource lack after big advertising campaigns. Eventually Wild Terra will be able to enter Steam and increase it’s player base. After all, we’re making an MMO!

Map size increase and lag problem solution
Optimization defects were caused by the wrong architecture of the actual servers, inability to scale the size of the playable world and increase the servers’ capacity. Using the new approach, we’ll manage to improve optimization. In addition, event calculation algorithm has been changed — only active regions, where something happens at the present time, are processed.

Compare the maximum size of the actual game world and the future one with 1000 players on it. This number of players has been taken just as an example and it’s not the limit.


Safe zones and constant war regions
Special type of territories will appear in the game, where no one can attack others and destroy buildings. It’ll be helpful to players who has no time to “live” in the game 24/7 defending their property.


In contrast to the peaceful territories, there will be regions for PvP-oriented players with a constant war going for valuable resources and control over the habitats of rare animals.


Project development with the new server
From the perspective of the developer, the server change solves several issues connected with:

* player quantity increase within one server;
* as a result, reduction of the number of servers and our expenses on the hardware;
* attraction of players of similar types to same places in the game world: safe zones for casual players and constant war
* regions for hardcore and PvP-oriented ones.

At last, the new server will bring us closer to adding long-promised new features:
* personal and public caves — dungeons;
* mines and fights for resources;
* clans, clans’ castles, and clan territories;
* mounts and much more features, which are still too early to announce...

Tests of the new server will begin in January-February 2016.


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On 25.12.2015 at 2:07 AM, bergmann said:

How did you guys deal with multiple tilemaps? Did you use vanila Tilemap class or something customized? Right now I'm trying to work with huge tilemaps and I have no idea how to do it!

Vanila Tilemap had no isometric support. We did it ourselves. Several Tilemap layers - background, colisions, objects. But later was some updates on Tilemap class. May be now it's work better. Try to search current Phaser source code by "isometric" keyword.

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This game is a testament to the power of Phaser and is proof that the future of game development within HTML 5 / WebGL is just getting started.  I feel like the animations for this game are not 'fantastic', but it has the old school ultima feel, which makes it good. I wish you guys the best and you guys have set the bar incredibly high in the HTML 5 world.


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On 19.01.2016 at 6:20 PM, WombatTurkey said:

This game is a testament to the power of Phaser and is proof that the future of game development within HTML 5 / WebGL is just getting started.  I feel like the animations for this game are not 'fantastic', but it has the old school ultima feel, which makes it good. I wish you guys the best and you guys have set the bar incredibly high in the HTML 5 world.


Thank you, man!

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From sprites to 3D. Character customisation and mounts


Why initially we chose sprites

In our previous project we used similar technologies of character animation. Considering that we had experience in it and ready for use sprite examples, provided by the cross-platform engine, we decided to use the same method of animation, because it is more convenient and comprehensible approach.


Project development and encountered difficulties

The development kept going: new animals and character actions were being added to the game. At that point we started to realise that difficulties increase exponentially because of the sprite animation.

At the present time, all animations of the player’s character (of a mediocre quality and without full equipment), even being compressed, weighs about 30Mb. And this number is even more when you actually play the game. This led to problems with the game’s optimization and called into question our decision about sprites as the most suitable method.


3D instead of sprites

Currently a 3D-model of a character with smooth animations and all textures weighs only 800kb. In comparison with sprites, models use a lot less memory for animations ( just numerical information about characters’ bones movement is needed). Such approach allows to make smooth character’s movements and create diverse animations without extra resource expenses.




However, here we have faced some problems too. For instance, to create shadows using our engine wasn’t so easy, but after some time working on shaders we have solved the problem. Also, we puzzled our brains over export of models and animations to our engine. Overcoming the difficulties fully met the expectations — stable FPS and smooth animations became our reward for the work.


Perspectives for Wild Terra and players

After the end of the transition to 3D, that, by the way, will require some time and will be done step-by-step, new possibilities will appear:

  • Gender selection;


The screenshot is a draft of what you’ll see in the game, it was made especially for the dev. blog. The final version of the gender selection window will be different.

  • Character customisation: hair and skin color, haircuts and so on;
  • Size of animals, animal maturation (wolf pups and adult wolves, for instance);
  • Possibility to mount any large animal;


  • Additional number of animations and their smoothness;
  • New equipment will be implemented much faster;

Armor equipment was made through placing an armor layer over the body part layer (there are 10 of them right now!), but now we’ll just change the body part on the same one with the needed armor equipped or add armor’s/objects’ model additionally.


First step to the 3D transition is done. When we start our tests of the new server (inner testing has already begun, the public one will be opened in February) you’ll be able to see all new models in action and a character selection too!


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Open test 0.7.23


Test server for testing version 0.7.23 is open. Help us to look for bugs and report them in detail.
Test client works separately from the main and does not interfere with play.

Download the test client here: http://files.playwildterra.com/dev/

New in 0.7.23

Now you can build a gallows, executioner's block, pillory and scaffold.
Now you can build a stone towers and barbican.
Updated graphics of stone walls. For stone blocks was added versions with roofs.
Added animation for the wolf head hat.


Fixed overlay graphics of some buildings to objects in front of them.
Now the inventory window is displayed simultaneously with the opening of any container.

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On 24/01/2016 at 9:15 PM, guniball said:

From sprites to 3D. Character customisation and mounts

Indie developers can learn so much from this thread.

Are you using 3D sprites the way Rich suggested in this topic?



Also, can you share some more information on your approach to isometric tiles.

On 16/01/2016 at 2:14 PM, Strateg said:

Vanila Tilemap had no isometric support. We did it ourselves. Several Tilemap layers - background, colisions, objects.

I see so many new developers here looking for the best approach at isometric projection that is good for large maps. (above 100x100 tile grid)

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