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Glossiness and roughness


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Hey team!


I've just checked in new toys :)


First we now support roughness on StandardMaterial: this parameter (between 0 and 8 or so) controls the sharpness of the reflection texture:



try to play with values from 0 to 3 as the cube texture is not enough precise to support more.


Then, we have support for glossiness map (inside the specular map alpha channel):



And then, you can mix glossiness and roughness to create wonderful rendering:



(My only problem here is that my textures suck :))


As you can see in this example, the sphere reflection is sharper where specular is more powerful. Cool isn't it?


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I was playing around with it a bit. This is a very nice feature.

But i have a problem. On my desktop system i can see a pixelated border between the cube map images.

With bigger roughness values it gets more visible. Adding a bump map to the material makes the pixelation problem even worse.

Here a screenshot from your demo:



On my IPad with the Safari browser the borders are not pixelated but also clearly visible:




Maybe it would be better to use a single image as reflection map. An equirectangular map for example.

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Yes this comes from WebGL itself.


There is an extension to remove the seams:GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_SEAMLESS


some interesting readings:



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It should work with reflection texture set to Spherical


Doesn't seem to work. The mapping is not correct and the roughness parameter has no effect anymore.

It always looks like roughness = 0;

I load the texture like this:


var tTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("content/env/1.jpg", scene);

tTexture.coordinatesMode = BABYLON.Texture.SPHERICAL_MODE;

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Too bad roughness is only in Cycles, diffuse. AFAIKT


I don't understand what you mean with Cycles. (the Blender renderer?)


The roughness is working with a CubeTexture at the moment but not with a normal Texture.

Here you can see the 2 issue: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#TKOGW

Roughness is not working and the mapping doesn't look like spherical mapping at all.

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Roughness only works with cube map unfortunately :(


:(  maybe i can pre-filter the map my self somehow.


What about the spherical mapping? Is it a bug or is it the intended behavior?

It doesn't look spherical at all to me at the moment :huh:


I would prefer to use a single reflection texture.

Requesting one texture from the server is more efficient than requesting 6 for a cube map.

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The only other common way i now to represent a full 360° view are angular maps like this:




But if i use this with the Texture.SPHERICAL_MODE i get this:




I really have now idea how to realize a  full 360° reflection with the Texture.SPHERICAL_MODE. :(

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Hmm not really. :)

While rotating the view, the reflection on the sphere is not changing.

So, Babylon.js supports simple spherical mappings at the moment. With this you can create thing like this:

http://www.clicktorelease.com/code/spherical-normal-mapping/#   (takes a while to load sometimes)

I think this will be ok for my use case. ... thanks for the fix :)

But what is still missing are full 360° reflections. This would be a new coordinate mode i think.

Equirectangular maps (and angular maps) are both full 360° views. The result should be the same like using a cube map.

Look at this example: http://threejs.org/examples/#webgl_materials_envmaps  (click on Equirectangular in the top right)

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god damm, now to use it :)


something just came to mind... (hopefully this makes sense)

if my scene had two rooms in it and i wanted to set a reflection texture for each room

is it possible to change the position in space where the coordinates mode generates the coordinates?


for example:


what if i wanted the center to be on a different torus instead of the one in the middle... can i change that?

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