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Best devices to test HTML5 games


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When I started developing html5 games, I was really excited by the power of the language and by webgl. So finding out that we have to work with extremely restricted resources to make games appealing for publishers has been quite depressing... The games I've developed so far are quite detailed, full of effects and transitions, so will most likely perform badly on mobile browsers. Getting some feedback before I put my hands on some testing devices would be great http://www.poncle.net/html5-games/


I do not own any mobile device (just a galaxy s2), and I cannot offer games that haven't been tested properly on mobile browsers, so what devices would you suggest to get?

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Here's some thoughts:


- an iPhone (or ipod touch) 3rd or 4th gen with iOS6 (useful for poor-to-ok performance testing, 2nd most common iOS)

- a mid level Samsung phone with Android 4xx (like your S2)

- any iPhone (or iPod touch) with iOS7 (for experiencing how Apples latest and greatest has ruined your landscape games)

- a Samsung Tab2 with Android 4xx (v common device, good for average performance testing + seeing how Samsung's stock browser has messed up your game and dealing with the annoyingly wide screen view in landscape)

- an iPad 1 with iOS5 (iPad is v common device, useful to see how your game looks when scaled up, having the first gen is good for low/average performance testing)

- a Samsung Y with Android 2xx (for v poor performance testing to cover the low end if that's important to you)


Keep an eye on OS penetration and device popularity - it's useful to have access to common device + OS combinations.  In that respect, iOS is easier to deal with as the adoption rate is massively quick compared to the fragmented mess of Android

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