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Favorite , most recommended mail services?


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I want my emails to look professional from their title , I don't want them to be detected as spam , or to look unprofessional in a way or another.


So in short , I have a few options I can use to email sponsors: Yahoo mail , Gmail , and an email associated with my own domain.


Which one of these would look more professional? And most importantly , have least or no chance of being detected as spam by any mail service ? 


Please share thoughts.

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Mail from your own domain looks professional, but whether or not that will be prone to be flagged as spam depends entirely on the behaviour and abuse management of the provider you host your domain at. There are a lot of providers that don't care to keep their mailservers and subnets clean of spammers and as soon as they get onto the big warning lists you are basically done, even if you never abused anything yourself, ever.

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Thanks for the replies.


Use this - buy a domain, redirect mx to Outlook (loadz of tutorials around). From now on you will have free, unlimited email on your domain, but hosted by Outlook. Its the only worthy free service out there.

Gmail for business is $5/mo.


Are you doing this yourself? I've already got my own domain , I will try what you suggested.

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I just tried this. They are giving me an error about my domain name having inappropriate words or something. I really don't know how would their bots detect anything wrong in cueballgames.com  , I can contact them for sollution , but I fear if I do so , I still can be sure that other spam detectors won't detect this like spam too for whatever the same reason they did that for , therefore , I think I will use just outlook.com.  I have seen some developers here using it , anyone have some some notable experiences ? 

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well i use a webspace+domain package and normally this also includes a email server you can use.

just configure mozilla thunderbird then and you got a quite easy email solution :)


personally i dont find anything strange in cueballgames.com, maybe its 'ball' but that would be crazy :huh:


you can also go for outlook.com or similiar but dont ever use your professional email adress for something else then business!

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