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2 HTML5 web browser games needed (PAID WELL)


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GAME #1 - PlaneMaker - Kids game.


The first part of the game lets a user create their pilot from 6 predetermined avatars. This is where we get their basic info like a player name, email or other info.


They select between the Male or Female pilots, and can then customize their pilot avatar (3 male, 3 female characters)


After the user has created their avatar (Pilot) we then begin the PlaneMaker game.


PlaneMaker requires players to race against the clock to build their ultimate plane.  In 30 seconds, they have to select the parts of their plane, and build it before the timer runs out. Parts will come off a conveyor belt and the user can swipe or click to take the parts they want. 


This game shows the style and conyer belt feel required. 


Game #2 - FlightSimulator - Adults game 


FlightSimulator is a time trial game where a user has to fly their plane around a circuit, and move through as many checkpoint markers within the 60 second period


If they miss a marker, they lose 5 seconds on their overall time.


Once they have completed the course (in 60 seconds) they have the option to share their score on facebook, which posts how many markers they managed to move through within the 60 seconds.


Ideally the plane will be a forward facing game like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmnsjRg-OE4#t=52


O as a second option it will be left to right style http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_rGz6qzK0c#t=21


Please note that this is for reference purposes only and would not be what our final version would look like, but it gives you an idea of the concept of racing through checkpoint markers.


I will pay $1000 per game
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