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blender animation export issue


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Would somebody mind helping me out with this?

I have a blend file with one mesh, one skeleton and one 23 frame animation .

The animation ( a run animation) works perfectly fine in blender but when I export it and try to run in babylon it is completely messed up.

Attached are the blend file and babylonjs files.



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Hi satguru :)


It looks like an animation from Mixamo.  ;)


It is a horrible mess to watch :o


Here is a fix


Put the skeleton in the Rest Position then:


1. In Object mode,  click on mesh "vincent" in the Outliner window (not "vincent_skel").


2. Now with the mouse over the 3D window hit the N Key to bring up the properties window and look at the "Transform" tab


3. You will see that that there are certain values for "Location, Rotation, and Scale" - we want to zero these.


4. So with "vincent" still selected: Object->Apply-> Location and repeat Object->Apply-> Rotation and Scale.


Now take the skeleton  back to the Pose Position


Now export as usual. Should work fine now.


cheers, gryff :)


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Awesome!  :)

That worked.


You were right, this was from Mixamo 

I downloaded the animation in bvh format and mesh in fbx format and skinned them in blender.

I did apply the transform to the  skeleton but completely forgot about the mesh :huh:


You saved me hours of frustrations

Thanks a lot

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