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Audio with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10


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Hi!  Has anyone had any success with using soundjs or howler.js in games (or anything else for that matter) with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10?


Current project-related testing gives me:

  • soundjs:  get a "SoundJS is not currently supported in your browser" for even the most basic usage direct from soundjs's website http://createjs.com/soundjs  and no errors when doing my own tests offline or online.
  • howler.js:  get a rather funny "not implemented" error in the Edge console pointing to basic Web API code in the library:  
audioTest = new Audio();

I'm still doing some various tests, even going the long route and building AudioContext code by hand, but wanted to get this out there and see what the rest of the community experience is.  There are other examples on the net (largely via Microsoft developer websites) that have some audio workingm, so it should not be rocket science.


Edit:  as an aside, basic HTML5 <audio> tag code like below is not even appearing in Edge (not even the fallback text):

<audio controls>   <source src="music.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">   Your browser does not support the audio element.</audio>

Oh joy!


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I've got the same behavior in Edge.


If I test the browser at html5test.com I get the result, that Audio and Video is not supported. Its rather funny that Audio is available, but the instantiation of a new audio object fails.

I don't know if I am missing any codecs or something else.


btw. I am using a Win10-VM, so could be I have to blame vmware

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Using MS Edge 20.10240.16384.0.  Seems a reasonable fix, chg, thanks for the idea.  Just tried your suggestion of "Enable experimental JavaScript features", restarted the browser and still have the soundJS demo page come up short (see screenshot).  It was a worthwhile try, though.  Also tried Accessibility features turned on, on a whim, but no go either.   I'd hate to think it was a desktop-related issue, as some demos - like  dev.modern.ie/testdrive/demos/musiclounge/ (which uses AudioContext() interestingly enough, like howler.js).  To add onto my first post, here are some screenshot support (sorry for the size).






Edge still gives me no love with howler.js, either.  the "not implemented" line in the console points to 

u = new Audio()




And the most basic of SoundJS setups fail. Plus Edge isn't even displaying the rudimentary <audio> tag setup, both of which work just fine in Chrome and Firefox. 



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Aww.. Now I can't tell management we can't support Edge yet...   :P  But thanks for the info BobF - will look at Howler 2.0 beta.   Could you pass along the sample you used, please?  Or is it just the standard demo from their website?


EDIT:  tests with howler.js-2.0/tests/tests.html work fine in Chrome, no response in Edge other than the 'not implemented' console error on var test = new Audio();


Will be looking at setting up another colleagues machine to Windows 10 and compare results this morning.

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Well this is annoying - audio tests on other Win 10 machines in the office work just fine.  Re-installing Edge on my machine makes no difference.   Interesting thing is that the other machines are accessing my IIS webserver on the in-house network with the development code hosted on it, and it works fine for them.  So at least it's not my code, but clearly a machine issue.  Thanks to all, so far.

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My code looks like this:

var mySound = new Howl({    src: ['http://www.mydomain.com/mySound.ogg', 'http://www.mydomain.com/mySound.mp3'],    volume: 0.3});...mySound.play();

Let us know what you find out, it may be useful to the rest of us.

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Using your code, BobF, latest howler 2 library, and the results are below.  No sound at my end.  Went over to colleague with Win 10 machine and Edge and sound plays fine, and our project development code works fine.  Only immediately noticeable difference is that he is running Windows 10 Pro and I have Windows 10 Enterprise N.  


Good thing I cut off my long pony tail, otherwise I'd be pulling out my hair now.  >.<



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Random thought, for me Edge hates my GPU and falls back to software for rending WebGL and HTML5 video and I cannot figure out the reason, maybe a similar driver[?] issue is the cause of your sound issues? Not a perfect test but you might try disabling the sound drivers in Device Manager on the working machine and seeing if Edge when restarted gives the same "Not Implemented" errors on the console (I considered testing this myself but Device Manager insists disabling my soundcard would require a reboot which I'm too lazy to do right now)

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...you might try disabling the sound drivers in Device Manager on the working machine and seeing if Edge when restarted gives the same "Not Implemented" errors on the console...


This smells of all sorts of crazy, mostly that sound drivers should not control browser implementation of rendered HTML5/Javascript code that was developed separately from hardware to begin with.  But I would not be surprised in the least if MS wrapped them together for some arcane reason, especially since we have in-house proof of behavior that differs between Enterprise N and Pro editions of the same OS.  I started my weekend early ( left office at 15:30, 30 minutes ago ), so I think we can give your idea a try on Monday.  At this point I'll try anything, and I'm even tempted to delve into magic spells and incantations.  Or just wait until November - rumor has it that Edge is getting some updates then.


Thanks for the suggestion, chg!

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