Shall we upgrade to Invision Power Board 4?


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  1. 1. Shall we upgrade the forum to IPB v4?

    • Yup, do it!
    • No, I fear change
    • Not really bothered either way

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IPB has gone down the tubes every single release after IPB v1.3.1f. Especially in the optimization and performance department. I vote no, with extreme prejudice.  :ph34r: Just my personal opinion though, and you know how I feel about performance and speed lol.

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Does the new version support writing posts in markdown?


We're all devs so many of use will regularly write markdown, and if you dont, there's no requirement to.

The current software supports a variant of BBcode rather than Markdown, not sure Markdown necessary would be better - I suspect it would have a greater chance of interpretting code or code like sequences (outside of code blocks) as formatting directives. Probably not to many people worrying about the hassle of writing bullet points or the like in the current editor (picked as an example as it's a pain in BBcode)

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Change for just the sake of change is not good. I voted no as I don't know about any particullary important changes introduced in new version which would help the community. But if the benifits brought by the change help the site long term, then by all means it should be done.

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