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[YES OR NO] Pixi.js + Require.js + PhoneGap


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Would this work? I think I am giving up with this HTML5 JavaScript mobile development. THis is such pain in the a$$ to work with. I am forced to use this anyway. I could have used something else but I can't. Is there a way for me to make this work through phone gap? I've been rejected using Cocoon.js. All I get is smirk faces as Cocoon.js is infected with ebola. I am stuck with PhoneGap. Have you tried pixi.js app to work with PhoneGap? If so, how?

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Pixi works fine with PhoneGap, as do most other client JS solutions.


I think there were some concerns over canvas performance in some native wrappers (dont think it was PhoneGap though) so you'll want to check carefully if your app is perf critical.


Also, personally I'd ditch require.js, AMD is (and always has been) rubbish, conceptually its good but practically its a mess. Plus, native modules are on their way to the front end (ironically the delivery could be fairly similar to AMD but it requires changes to how the web and browsers work, in short, it gets complicated but from an end users point its easy) and they'll be basically commonJS style, so use something like browserify or webpack and you'll be good to go from native day 1, plus, you get the bonus of using a module system that works fairly well.

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hi. ludei..

do you have plan to optimize webgl?


when i used cocoon with pixi.js


always it crashed after run game... with webview and webview+ and too slow


canvas+ mode can't use because of resolution problems




this topic wanna be discussed more and more .



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Hello GBear,


If you create a game in pixi.js I won't recommend to use Webview or Webview+. Webview is the native webview of the device so it may not even implement WebGL in the first place, and Webview+ is the Crosswalk Webview in Android (lately their WebGL wasn't the best) or the WebviewKT in iOS (this WebGL is actually very good).


I'm more interested in your resolution problems with Canvas+. That's something we can (and we should) fix.


Do you have a testcase of the problem?

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