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Timeline with Pixi


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Hello HTML5 Game Dev forum!


Just started using Pixi.js to build some animation for a client and love it!


I'm wondering how everyone is transitioning their Flash animations to Pixi with a timeline? I had to come up with my own "timeline" script to keep track of when to start animating objects which was kinda difficult. Other than GreenSock's TimelineMax, are there any other viable solutions for timeline-based animation?


Thanks for your time!


- Patrick

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There are rumors about integration of pixi.js in Adobe CC  , and that was mentioned at https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/2224 . I asked @GoodBoyDigital, lets wait for an answer :)


So far best animator for pixi is Spine: http://esotericsoftware.com , but it costs 70$. If you want to use skinned meshes you have to pay 290$. I still have no money to buy it, but I can debug pixi-spine and fix its problems just fine :)


Yes, greensock.com is good solution.


Some basic animations can be done with Tween.js 

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Tween.js looks promising with the ability to chain animations together. The big thing we are looking for is software that will provide a timeline interface. I'm wondering if anyone has discovered any solutions that build Pixi.JS animations with a timeline gui. If Animate CC ends up implementing Pixi, that would certainly fit the bill for what we are looking for. Until then, we are left setting up our animations in code blocks.

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