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Hello Everyone,


I wanted to share some update on the development progress for my latest game, Zombies Can't Jump 2. The game is a sequel to my very first game released August 2013.


Zombies Can't Jump had greater success than I was expecting, ranking 1st in paid strategy games in 15 countries on Windows Phone, it was also pretty well received within the HTML5 game industry. I had a lot of fun making the first title and iterating on its success seemed the next logical step for me.


Link to demo:



Here is a short gameplay video:




The game presents major improvements over its predecessor.


More flexible combat system:

  • Players can now choose up to 5 items per characters among 20 unlockable weapons and survival tools. In the previous game the choice was fixed for each level and players could only carry one "survival weapon".
  • Each character has a skill tree which allows the players to customize their play style further (improving damage, survival abilities or utility abilities such as bigger backpack or mercenary hiring).
  • Weapons can be activated at any time provided the player has enough survival points (previously, more powerful weapons could only be activated while survival rage ability was active for both players at the same time).
  • Survival rage ability enhances all weapons damage output (it only applied to specific weapons previously).

These changes should provide a better tactical depth and hopefully more fun as players advance in the game.


Improved graphics:

  • The characters and zombies graphics are more realistic and animations more detailed than in the previous title.
  • For the current backdrop (Junkyard), I used a mix of my own assets and some other from Glitch. I intend to additionally create a Graveyard, Forest, Jungle / Temple and Snowy environments.

Improved UI:

  • 2 clicks were required to activate any ability in the previous game. Only one is now necessary.
  • Seamless transition between the character management screen and the level screen, no loading bar, smooth camera work.

Still a work in progress so there will be more updates to come and I should be able to post a link to play very soon!





Feedback is welcome!


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Just uploaded a demo (will take you through the first 2 levels):


Note that player stats and achievements can be "browsed" but are not yet plugged into the game (using dummy data). Still work remaining with animations, backdrops and few items I will post more update in coming days.


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Completed all unlockable items and weapons including the "special" Mercenary which can be hired using the in-game currency (other items : Wood Crate, Spiked ball, Wood Cask, Metal Crate, Spiked Crate, Stool, Mine, Oil Barrel, Turret, Double Turret, TNT Crate, Mercenary, Double Pistols, Uzi, Rifle, AK-47, Shotgun, Automatic SHotgun, Hunter Bow, RPG-7).

The player can select up to 5 items per character depending on how many points were spent on the Backpacker Skill.

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3 hours ago, staff0rd said:

Graphics and sounds extremely well executed.  Regarding gameplay, can't tell too much from the first two levels except I got a feel for it and would definitely play more.

Nice work!

Thanks staff0rd!

That's right the demo is quite short with 2 levels, I may add more soon (still in middle of discussions and not yet decided regarding HTML5 distribution for the game). 

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And finally the link to the full beta version : http://games.okijin.com/zcj2beta/

  • 30 levels.
  • 2 infinite survival modes
  • 20 unlockable weapons, items and abilities.
  • 10 unlockable medals with progress (each medal rewards 5 skill points to spend on characters talent tree).
  • Currency system to unlock content can be plugged to IAP system etc...

I am currently fine tuning the game difficulty based on feedback received on this beta version (you may find the curve a bit stiff). 

Regarding the distribution:

The game will be released on Windows Phone first in the coming weeks, I am still in talk for an exclusivity partnership on other major native platforms, however the HTML5 version is likely to be non-exclusive so feel free to contact me directly if you want to discuss further.


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