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How to limit the movement of free Camera?


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Hi Alex10, good to see you again.

   Um, do you have the vehicle parented to the camera?  If so, maybe you should undo that.  :)


There is a nice little vehicle-moving demo.  The vehicle is the green box, of course.  I used our following free camera, and didn't attach it to the canvas, and didn't set a standard target.  I set a special target made for the followCamera... late in the code.  I stole the mouse-on-canvas tracking code from some webpage.

This will keep your vehicles out of the mud.  :D

I am not very good at things like this, but this seemed to work ok.  My code is probably sloppy (which matches my entire life).  ;)

No clicking needed.  Move mouse right/left to turn the vehicle, and forward/backward to drive.

I'll let you study it on your own.  Our followCamera has some properties to play with, if you wish.  BabylonJS also has an arc-rotate follow cam... but I haven't tried it yet.   Hope this helps.  Be well!

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Hi again Alex.  Overhead view/close-follow view - toggle?  Easy.


Line 47/48  - camera.heightOffset.  Did you experiment with this?

You CAN do this with a freeCamera, too... but you will need to write FOLLOW code if you want it to follow your vehicle.  BabylonJS cameras are very versatile (adjustable)... but sometimes it requires patience and experiments.

I am having difficulty understanding your English, sorry.

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