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disappearing geometry near the edge of scene window


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I have a scene that has a virtual patient. I am using a free camera in the scene, and I am having an issue where the right side edge of the scene window is close to the patient, the head and the entire body goes invisible.  I attached some images to illustrate, but is this an issue where the camera frustum edge is making geometry invisible? Is there a way to make adjustments to it so that I am not clipping my virtual patient?


headOn.png - shows how the patient is normally

headOff.png - what happens when the patient is near the edge of the window. He will disappear completely if he is closer. 


Thanks in advance



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They aren't! I am sure this has something to do with the bones and the offset of those bones. Checking with the artist, but because we will not have an instance where the patient is not visible, we don't have a problem with rendering him at all times. I forgot to check that in the debug layer though. 

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