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CSG - Internet Explorer Problems


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Hi guys,


I'm having some problems when using CSG on Internet Explorer (I have tried with IE 11 but the problem might appear on other versions as well). 

I am trying to create a dice shape using the intersection of a sphere and a box but when I use the intersect method, Internet Explorer crashes with an "Out of stack space" error. The code I'm using is the following:





Other browsers are working great.


Could you please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong or what can I do to prevent this?


Thanks alot in advance.

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Update for anyone that might face this problem: I managed to make it work on internet explorer by reducing the number of horizontal segments in the sphere. The default is 32 so I reduced it to 20 and that works with only a minor impact on the aspect. However I'm still looking forward if any solution is found without the need for compromise.

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Well, I'm really new to Babylon.js so I'm not really sure but MeshBuilder has some extra methods that you can use like getVerticesDataKinds or setVerticesData which can help you customize the faces of your shapes better. I got some help with it on this forum when trying to apply texture to the faces of the dice shape constructed with CSG and I couldn't do it using Mesh namespace. Perhaps some experienced users can help us better understand this.

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Actually MeshBuilder and Mesh build the given same object.

Mesh is the legacy class with some fixed input parameters as a comma separated parameter list

MeshBuilder provides the same parameter than Mesh and many more to change the constructor behavior. There are no more methods, only input parameters.

The MeshBuilder parameters are a JS object whose property names are the parameter names and the property values the parameter values. So it's extensible : when we add some feature to a mesh built with MeshBuilder, the constructor call signature, as your existing code, doesn't change

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