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Yes they removed that and replaced it with the Questions and Answers style forum. I can turn yours into that with a single click if you want (if you don't like it I can change it back too). It basically looks like this: http://webflake.sx/forum/70-ipb-answered-questions/ so every post is a 'question' and every reply an answer, which can be voted Stackoverflow style.

Personally I wish they'd kept the old way in, but I'm sure someone will release a plugin for it soon.

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1 hour ago, rich said:

Members online is where it always was, at the bottom of the home page.

The visible users are visible not per forum but on the main page HTML5GAMEDEVS only. 

Thank you for this new forum, in fact I think we need to get used to the change. There are some interesting changes.

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Thank you for visible by forum members. As against this way all members will connect all forums. before we could see the members that connect to the current forum.
Why do we not now way the last member who replied ?

Another thing is missing:

  • - The playing members on a subject.
  • - We can not delete pictures in "My Attachments"
  • - last member replied and reaching the last message replied

thank you again Rich


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This is now set as a Q&A forum, so there's no 'last member replied'. In the other forums here (Phaser, etc) the last member + link appears as usual, but only because they're not set to Q&A.

@Deltakosh it might be worth reverting this back to a normal forum and add in a 'Babylon.js Questions' sub-forum which could be a Q&A style? (failing that or we could just look and see if someone has made a 'Mark Resolved' plugin for IPS 4)

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