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On 12/1/2016 at 11:19 PM, rich said:

This is now set as a Q&A forum, so there's no 'last member replied'. In the other forums here (Phaser, etc) the last member + link appears as usual, but only because they're not set to Q&A.

Is it possible that this is the same for sub-forum.

Thanks you

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Dad, are you saying that you would prefer... 'last member replied'... be active/available in the sub-forums?

I agree.

When we get to the Q/A sub-forum...  http://www.html5gamedevs.com/forum/28-questions-answers/

...we have nothing good to click-on.  Filter-by, sort-by, votes, answers, none of it takes me to the last/latest post in a topic.

Let's go testing. 

1. Go to Q/A - http://www.html5gamedevs.com/forum/28-questions-answers/
2. Hover "Mesh impostors on 3D object like path?"  Pop-up window should open.
3. Choose "Latest Answer" tab at the top.
4. Try right-click on same tab... choose 'open in new window' - fails (expected).

There seems to be no way to "go to Latest Answer".

I suppose we need to ask ourselves "What IS go to?", eh?  :D  Would "go to" be called "Add comment mode"?  I'm so confused.

I suppose I should read the docs for this new forum software, huh?  I am having difficulty navigating it.

Comments/hints welcome, of course.  thx.

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I am also wondering how this voting works.  I went to 2 topics, 1 with a best answer & 1 without.  I up arrowed a response.  It seems that if you leave and comeback the vote is saved.  Both topics, and in fact all topics, show 0 votes on the topic list page.

edit:  If you vote the question itself up or down is what the summary page shows as votes, not the sum of the individual votes.

I have gone to over stack more times than I would like to admit off a search for a Blender / python / or JS question.  I always had paid the most attention to the best answer regardless of votes.  Still why have voting on summary list if it is always 0?

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I struggle with this new forum, it lacks a lot of things that we had before and that is more.

• Preview before posting a message no longer exists.
The list of users browsing a subject no longer exists.
• Button to switch to wysiwyg or normal mode, no longer exists.
• Post on message via fast or custom editor, no longer exists.
• List of last messages to answer, no longer exists.
• List Login to the current forum (as before) and not in all the forums.
Possibility of colored text does not exist
• Possibility to put images no longer exists
Change the font and text size is no longer possible
• The tag code which no longer takes into account the automatic ways code.
Wire Arian longer exists in the footer, you must go back to the top of the page.
• When you copy a piece of text and one does CTRL + V, we have an undesirable block quotation (you have to right click and paste plain text instead)

That's what I see going around and use for 8 days.

In short, I believe that all things were helpful but places to upgrade the forum to a new version, he fell and became certainly more modern but with much less thing, it takes away tools in what we were used.

I think change forum to a higher version should be scalable, you should not have less functionality.

I'll be honest, I do not like this new forum (in the state). But hey, I like this engine, so I made with.

I wonder the interest of change version if it is for just having a more modern forum but with less thing.

Excuse me say out loud what else thinks whisper

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15 hours ago, Dad72 said:

I wonder the interest of Change version if it is for just having a more modern forum but with less thing.

This is the reason: https://community.invisionpower.com/blogs/entry/9745-ipboard-34-end-of-support/

No more updates, no more support, and most importantly: within a year: no more security fixes. So it doesn't really matter what this 'new' forum is missing compared to the old one, it's all moot - the lack of support for the old one renders it unsafe to consider keeping on my server, it's as simple as that I'm afraid.

As they update this version I will continue to patch it, so maybe some of those features will come back in. Maybe. Who knows?

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Jerome thank you, but I want to understand why this forum (question and answer) is not like any other?

And there seems to be a problem with Google Chrome since today or yesterday to create a new topic or reply to the message on the forum. The text editor and others is no longer displayed

here I go through to be able to write with Firefox. Why it does not work with Google Chrome? the publisher is no longer displayed, you can not disconnect of forum, certain window no longer displays, there are plenty of problem since yesterday.

Also when looking at our old subject, all code is disorganized, compress, it is illegible for us and for the new ones. I regret the old forum. that worked well, everything was perfect.

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@chg Yes, I empty the cache, use CCleaner and restart the computer and the same. yesterday it was working well, I do not understand. And with FireFox I see no change in the text editor, it is the same as yesterday and since the update.

I can not do anything, everything javascript stopped working with me on this forum. I try on my own forum and it works with Chrome, so it's only this forum. I really do not understand what is happening.

I still have the same errors in the console that comes from IPS (this the forum).

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My bad, it looks like that code tries to use RegExp.prototype.sticky and probably expects undefined when it's not available. Apparently Chrome doesn't support it except like version 48-ish if you have experimental javascript enabled in the browser's flags, then as per sources like https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost/issues/6102 you get the "getter called on non-RegExp object" error. At least that's my best guess for what you describe...
EDIT: Maybe you can confirm what happens if you put RegExp.prototype.sticky into the console? (I get undefined in Chrome 47 without the "experimental javascript" flag enabled)

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