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Howler JS - Chrome on Android


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Helo I am encountering one problem - I am using HowlerJS (latest version) and it is working ok except on Androind phone in Chrome.

Sounds are playing only for a while .. after short while with no sound it seem to be shut down completely and no sounds ever play until page is refreshed.

It seems exactly as bug described here https://github.com/goldfire/howler.js/commit/7022ab9fb756e12013b4d455b2765b27827c0ac7 but their solution by using

Howler.autoSuspend = false; 

doesnt work at all .. actually there is no value "autoSuspend" to be set .. version 1.1.28

Is there someone else using HowlerJS on Android Chrome browser ?

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I have Samsung Galaxy S3, Latest chrome 47.0.2526.83, android 4.4.2

But all my friends that also has various android devices experiencing it as well so I think that it is not device specific problem. Looks like that AudioContext is disabled after short while of not playing any sound and then never refresh again.


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