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HTML5 Dev Needed!


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Our team is looking for two experienced HTML5 developers who are able to join our team immediately. Duties will range from creating mini games, to full HTML5 games (using Phaser) in addition to simpler conversions. With this in mind, we need a developer who is dedicated, hard working, extremely knowledgeable and who takes pride in his or her product. One position has full-time work opportunities available, the other has active, but not full time work available.

This is a telecommute position, that is, you do not need to be US based to be considered. However, strong English speaking and communication is mandatory.


You must have experience with the following:

Flash: The native files and file assets you may be converting are in .fla format.

Slack: With all projects, we do require a very open communication dialogue. We use Slack for our team conversations.

HTML5: You will be converting and/or creating HTML5 games for mobile, tablet, and all platforms.

Git Repository: Experience with GIT is a plus, but can train for this.

Phaser: Phaser knowledge is a must! You should demonstrate a mastery with all of it’s features, and have titles in your portfolio using the framework.

Additional Skills: Experience in other languages, libraries and tools will be useful, so please include any additional skills you may have in your initial contact with us.


Our projects all require precise skills, a quick turnaround time, and an extremely high quality product. We will be making a decision shortly, so, please, send along your portfolio and your experience ASAP.

Please send along information to: [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much!

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