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How is the performance on mobile devices?


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I'm thinking about creating HTML5 games for mobile devices and put them in a wrapper like phonegap/intel xdk, but I'm worried about the performance, and being inferior to native. I don't want to create extra complicated stuff, just simple casual games, but maybe I will add stuff like emitters and light effects.  Anyone have experience with porting to mobile devices would like to share his experience?

Much appreciated. 

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2 hours ago, bruno_ said:

If you use crosswalk web view you can get good performance.

Of course, that depends on your game and resolution.

The best way is to test a lot on differente devices.

Thank you so much for caring, one last thing, Do you recommend crosswalk over intel xdk? also are you familiar with any popular mobile games made with html5 ? 

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If you don't care about targeting low-mid devices, I suggest using any chromium based wrapper like crosswalk or cocoon.io webview, with these 2 your game will have the same performance as if it was previewed directly in the chrome mobile browser. If you still want to support low end phones then cocoonjs canvas+ is the best option I know of; Having said that, performance of html5 on mobile (mainly Android) is very inconsistent. My advice to you is to test your game on all existant wrappers  as you build your game.

This game (not mine)  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nisuboy.bouncesir is a good example of what kind of performance you can get under xdk with a simple game.

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