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Hello devs,

I have developed a few HTML5 games by now, they have very different hardware demands it goes from platformers to little highscore games.

Now as I'am looking for publishers to sell my HTML5 browser games, i have bought an iPhone 4 because i thought i have read somewhere that this is the target device. I have noticed that most of my games are running pretty bad on that system.

I have made huge changes to the platformer game, i have changed the resolution to 480x320 and used power of 2 everywhere to make it run more smoothly. The biggest graphics are 128x128, but for the most part it's 32x32. This game runs now acceptable at maybe >20 fps on iPhone 4. But most of my games have no chance to make them enjoable on that generation of mobiles. 

So basicly my question is, what devices do you target and what are the demands of the publishers? Has the "iPhone 4 device generation" still significance?

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Ideal situations would be iPhone 4, but today I normally develop more with the iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4 in mind as a minimum. I say specifically iPhone 5S because that is the oldest phone you can still get directly from Apple.

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