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  • Major updates
  • Updates
    • Audio files are now saved for offline access (davrous)
    • New CubeTexture.CreateFromImages() (deltakosh)
    • Bounding info can be locked and updated (bb.isLocked and bb.update()) (deltakosh)
    • 2D layers now have a scale and offset properties (deltakosh)
    • TouchCamera can now fallback to regular mouse/keyboard controls (deltakosh)
    • Added ability to skip current prepared Action to next active Action (chained by Action.then(Action)) (vouskprod)
    • Added new event triggers ActionManager.OnLongPressTrigger andActionManager.OnPickDownTrigger (vouskprod)
    • new Mesh.convertToUnIndexedMesh() to create meshes with no indices (which could be faster when vertex reuse is low and vertex structure is small) (deltakosh)
    • Unity3D exporter will recognise instances of prefabs (ozRocker)
    • New parse mechanism (for loading .babylon file) (deltakosh)
    • New button to log the camera position in the debug layer (temechon)
    • Shader files (fragment and vertex) can now be specified via direct URL (vouskprod)
    • Added Animatable.goToFrame() (deltakosh)
    • Fixed behavior or Animation.CreateAndStartAnimation and addedAnimation.CreateMergeAndStartAnimation to reproduce previous behavior (deltakosh)
    • Adding StandardMaterial.linkEmissiveWithDiffuse to, well, link emissive with diffuse value. (With)[http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2FPUCS#2] and (without)http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2FPUCS#1
    • Adding support for equi-rectangular mapping. See demo here (deltakosh)
    • Sprites and particles scheduler updated to be resolved before transparent objects (deltakosh)
    • Added ability to deactivate ArcRotateCamera panning mechanism (by setting panningSensibility to 0) (vouskprod)
    • Added DirectionalLight.autoUpdateExtends to prevent directional lights to adapt to scene extends (deltakosh)
    • Added a new parameter to debugLayer.show() to define root element to use (deltakosh)
    • New MeshBuilder class used to create all kind of mesh shapes (deltakosh)
    • Added Scene.constantlyUpdateMeshUnderPointer to improve performance when moving mouse (deltakosh)
    • Added StandardMaterial.disableLighting (deltakosh)
    • Improved reflection shader performance (deltakosh)
    • New Material.sideOrientation property to define clockwise or counter-clockwise faces selection. Demo here (deltakosh)
    • It is now possible to create a custom loading screen. PR (RaananW)
    • Per face color and texture feature in MeshBuilder.CreateCylinder() (jerome)
    • Arc feature in CreateCylinder, CreateSphere, CreateTube, CreateDisc and CreateLathe(jerome)
    • Slice feature in MeshBuilder.CreateSphere() (jerome)
    • closed parameter in MeshBuilder.CreateLathe() (jerome)
    • cap parameter in MeshBuilder.CreateLathe() (jerome)
    • diameter, hasRings, enclose parameters in MeshBuilder.CreateCreateCylinder() (jerome)
    • added getNormalAtCoordinates() and getNormalAtCoordinatesToRef() methods inMeshBuilder.CreateLathe() (jerome)
    • Material.dispose() now removes disposed material from meshes (deltakosh)
    • New Material.getBindedMeshes() function (deltakosh)
    • OimoJS Plugin now uses Quaternions exclusively and calculates body rotations correctly. PR(RaananW)
    • It is now possible to get the physics engine's body and wolrd objects using the physics engine.PR (RaananW)
    • new Heightmap Impostor for Cannon.js physics engine. PR, Demo (RaananW)
    • A plane mesh can be created with a source plane (math). PR (RaananW)
    • AbstractMesh.onPhysicsCollide will be triggered when a physics-enabled mesh collides against another. PR (RaananW)
    • Added scene onPointerMove public callback. PR (RaananW)
    • Added streaming support for BABYLON.Sound (davrous)
    • Added collisionsEnabled and workerCollisions for serialization PR (Dad72)
    • Changed from a fixed maximum of bone influencers, 4, to variable, 1-8 (Palmer-JC)
      • Support for added to Blender Exporter (Palmer-JC)
    • Float32Arrays can now directly be specified for vertex data attributes,Mesh.updateVerticesDataDirectly deprecated (Palmer-JC)
    • Added panning axis to the ArcRotateCamera PR (mstdokumaci, RaananW)
    • Added Tmp class for internal use in order to improvement the memory management, jerome)
    • Added Scene.swithActiveCamera(newCamera, attachControl) to go from one camera active to another. (dad72) PR
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed IDB for offline support (davrous)
    • Fixed a bug with spherical mapping (deltakosh)
    • Fixed a bug with clone and createInstance which was forcing the recomputation of bounding boxes (deltakosh)
    • Fixed a bug with CSG when submeshes are kept (deltakosh)
    • Fixed a bug with texture coordinates matrices (deltakosh)
    • Fixed Sphere texture coordinates generation (deltakosh)
    • Fixed a bug with Mesh.attachToBone when bone's matrix has a negative determinant (deltakosh)
    • Fixed a possible but with the active camera while taking a screenshot. PR (RaananW)
    • Fixed a bug with worker-collisions and instances. PR (RaananW)
    • Fixed a bug with removed meshes and geometries from the worker-cache. PR (RaananW)
    • Fixed getHeightAtCoordinates() : brand new ultra fast algorithm, can be used for many objects at once in the render loop now (jerome)
    • Fixed closePath and closeArray ribbon parameter now working back together (jerome)
    • Fixed morphing on capped tubes (jerome)
    • Fixed morphing on extruded shapes (jerome)
    • Fixed tube and extruded shape cap light artifact (jerome)
    • Fixed lathe light artifact with dedicated new geometry (jerome)
    • Fixed a bug calculating velocity during collision with gravity enabled. PR (RaananW)
    • Fixed a bug in instance serialization. PR (RaananW)
    • Fixed a memory leak with textures (deltakosh)
  • Breaking changes
    • ActionManager.OnPickTrigger now acts as a single click/tap and is not raised on drag or swipe anymore. To get the old behavior, ActionManager.OnPickDownTrigger should be used instead (vouskprod)
    • VertexData.CreateCylinder() now supports only the single options parameter (jerome)
    • VertexData.CreateRibbon() now supports only the single options parameter (jerome)
    • VertexData.CreateBox() now supports only the single options parameter (jerome)
    • VertexData.CreateSphere) now supports only the single options parameter (jerome)
    • VertexData.CreateTorus() now supports only the single options parameter (jerome)
    • VertexData.CreateTorusKnot() now supports only the single options parameter (jerome)
    • VertexData.CreatePlane() now supports only the single options parameter (jerome)
    • VertexData.CreateDisc() now supports only the single options parameter (jerome)
    • VertexData.CreateLines() now supports only the single options parameter (jerome)
    • VertexData.CreateDashedLines() now supports only the single options parameter (jerome)
    • VertexData.CreateGround() now supports only the single options parameter (jerome)
    • VertexData.CreateTiledGround() now supports only the single options parameter (jerome)
    • VertexData.CreateGroundFromHeightMap() now supports only the single options parameter (deltakosh)
    • Tools.IsExponantOfTwo() renamed to Tools.IsExponentOfTwo() (deltakosh)
    • Tools.GetExponantOfTwo() renamed to Tools.GetExponentOfTwo() (deltakosh)
    • Updated Cannon.js plugin to the newest version (0.6.2). New cannon.js must be used. PR(RaananW)
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Congrats, dev team!  Awesome!  Look at the length of that list!  OH... MY... GOODNESS!   Fantastic.

PointLight shadows is cooooool.  Core is coooooool!    It's all cool!   Thanks, DK and contributors!  Excellent!

DK also fixed a bug in .manualEmitCount on particles...  low count numbers due to unwanted division by .scaledUpdateSpeed or something like that.  (yawn).

And I think we "adopted" a different version of Quaternion.toEulerAngles() in this session, too.  Not sure.  PARTY!!!!  :)

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  • 3 weeks later...


AnimationEvent is new for 2.3, too.  Nice!  Somebody already documented it in the Animation docs - excellent.

I think... it can integrate nicely with ActionManagers, like this:

var event1 = new BABYLON.AnimationEvent(50, function() {
}, true);

Not tested, but I think it will work (at frame 50).  ANY ActionManager trigger works.  I just used onPickTrigger as an example.  The final boolean parameter (false by default, but set true here) is an executeOnlyOnce flag.  Now, I'm off to learn what that AnimationRange is all about.

This is likely off-topic for Announcements.  :)  Party on!

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Also, missing from what's new is scene.beforeCameraRender().  This option is so good, I am thinking about supporting it from Blender, as an Headlight option for your camera.  You do not need putz around with lights a great deal of the time, if there was a point light which got moved to the perfect spot just in time.

scene.beforeCameraRender = function () {
    light.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(camera.position.x, camera.position.y, camera.position.z);


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No,  those are either for meshes, or the screen ones run too early and only once.  This one runs at a very late point in the cycle.  The camera has already been positioned for the frame, think arc rotate.  I think this one runs for each camera in the scene.  In order to use one light for both cameras, the inside function would need slight changing.


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