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How can i control mipmap?


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hi everyone.

I'm testing about mipmap;

I've used mipmap since begin to create my game;

I think Mipmap is useful to draw  blurred texture and performance.

but i couldn't see any performance up with mipmap of pixi.


my testing map has 7168*7168 size ( 49 of 1024*1024 texture );

and i was changing scale of container that has sprites of map;


how can i control mipmap efficiently ?




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I assume that already set texture.mipmap=true for every texture you use

Yes.. I'm using like this.



map size is 7168*7168

normally game is viewed small part (1280*720) if scale value is 1

but sometimes i will show all parts(7168*7168) 


does i get any benefits in this case with mipmap except blur?






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