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(WIP) Demo of my upcoming site


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Hi All,

I'm a web/graphic designer and an a hobbyist developer from India. It's been a couple of weeks since I started with BabylonJs. I was looking for different 3D frameworks for my pet project and stumbled upon babylonjs. Initially I was amazed by the demos/projects made using threejs, but I read somewhere that there is an exporter for Blender for Babylonjs and it caught my attention. Blender is my favourite 3d package, I have used Max and Maya a fair amount but Blender still stands out (I'm biased towards open source :D ). You can take a look at a video I made using Blender some three years ago not so much but something. Coming back to the project, it is in it's final stages. The idea is to have a collection of vintage items. Initially there will be 6 items(Coffee Maker, Television, Radio, BubbleGum Machine, Telephone, Typewriter) and models will be added on regular intervals.  People can view the models and there will be a link to read more about them online and they can download a wallpaper of the item in different resolutions. I have all the functionalities working including a function where they will be able to apply instagram like filters to the scene/model and download that as a wallpaper. :D 


This is the demo link, please do not share the link outside of the forum as it will be taken down once it is hosted in the main site. The main site will be retrocurator.com

I'm kinda stuck now, you can find the close to final design of the site in the attached image. I need help from somebody who can populate a couple of ui elements in the sample source that I have attached. I tried to add it myself with no luck, right now the camera goes far outside the scene and shows weird stuff as soon as I add the GUI.

Apparently threejs also has a Blender exporter. I think the Universe led me here. Lol. Cheers.



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@Deltakosh It takes quite sometime to calculate the PBR materials, I tried material.isReady parameter but that is set to true as soon the material is created. Is there any event I can listen to when the engine is done calculating the material? Right now it is weird for the user as there is nothing on screen and also it gets stuck initially during the calculation of the materials.

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