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Container switching in pixi


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Hi guys, I was trying to find an answer to this but had some problems (maybe my Google-fu is just a little off today). Thankfully, I figured out the answer myself. 


Assuming you have a character walking around in a world of containers (for example, walking from one zone to the other where each zone is a container that is next to the other) the calculation is:

newX = oldX + (oldContainerX - newContainerX);

newY = oldY + (oldContainerY - newContainerY);


and a real code example:

    var newX = buckets['walking'].position.x + (buckets['walking'].parent.position.x - buckets.biomes[overlappingBiomes[0]].scen.position.x);
    var newY = buckets['walking'].position.y + (buckets['walking'].parent.position.y - buckets.biomes[overlappingBiomes[0]].scen.position.y);
    // buckets['walking'].parent.removeChild(buckets['walking']);
    buckets['walking'].position.x = newX;
    buckets['walking'].position.y = newY;


Hopefully this helps someone! 


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And when you are comparing obj1 and obj2 from different containers:

let differenceX = (obj2.x - obj1.x) + (obj2.parent.x - obj1.parent.x);

That helps in case of very big maps, you wont lose precision that way

And I wont paste here the code for universal portal engine which i have :) Formulas are much more difficult there.

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