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No memory released on mesh.dispose()


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Hi guys!

I have this scene where I import different meshes with lots of polygons, like here: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#1OI6LZ#11 
You'll see that I'm importing the same mesh repeated times instead of using instances on purpose. 

So at some moment, I'd like to remove some of these meshes. 
In the example above, when you click on the skulls, the mesh.dispose() is called.

When I track the memory with the Chrome JS Heap timeline tool I can't really see the memory released though when the dispose() function is called.

Here the four skulls were loaded and then I clicked on every one of them, so shouldn't there be some drops visible?:unnamed.thumb.png.1a92fb2715b66cc00efec6

Is there something I'm missing? 

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Thanks, David!

I made another test though, and I haven't used Action Managers at all this time: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#1OI6LZ#21

Here, I'm loading four meshes into an array, and when I rotate the camera and a mesh is not longer active, I dispose it and also delete it from the array. 
I get this graphic now, and again, I can't see memory being released:



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