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[Example] Tetris


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I discovered Phaser about a month ago and I decided to make a Tetris clone to explore the engine. Tetris' gameplay doesn't necessarily call for using a full-fledged game engine, but I tried to cram in as many relevant functionalities as I could for practice, and all that combined might make for an interesting example for other Phaser users. It includes:

  • Changing the controls of the game
  • Sound effects and music, which can be turned on/off using the relevant button, and are interrupted on the pause screen
  • Tweens to animate the clearing and collapsing of lines
  • A loop to manage the fall of the tetromino, which accelerates as you complete more lines
  • A leaderboard served by a PHP back end to keep track of the scores of the players
  • Text using bitmapfonts
  • Plus the necessary basics such as imput management and rendering the sprites

Not much in terms of fancy sprites stuff and collisions unfortunately, because the game didn't really call for it. I didn't try to polish the appearance, as it was before all an exercise in Phaser. Also, most of my assets are stolen from the first results of some google searches. I didn't submit it as an official example because I guess it mixes too many different things and therefore would not be appropriate, but Rich can always correct me.

Attached, a few screenshots ; the link to the Bitbucket repo is https://bitbucket.org/jerome_renaux/tetris.git

Any feedback is welcome.






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4 hours ago, end3r said:

I suppose @blackmoondev (designer) don't mind it as it's from our Monster Wants Candy demo game available on GitHub.

Indeed! I uploaded a readme to the repository with a link to your github repository. While I was adding functionalities, I wanted to find assets as fast as possible to get a result quickly, and I didn't keep track of where I picked what ; but once I'm reminded of it I'm happy to give credit where credit is due.

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