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[Phaser 2.4.6] Fullscreen on touch not working on Microsoft Surface 4 tablet


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I am a stuck with a problem on putting the game in fullscreen on the Windows Surface pro 4 (I think the problem is on previous Surface too).

Actually, I have a button that calls startFullScreen. Touching it on the Surface tablet does not go to fullscreen mode.

But when I click that button with the stylus or the mouse pad of the Surface tablet keyboard, it works. When I the game on my Android phone, touching the button fullscreen works. 

I suspect the user agent to tell bad info, but I'm not sure. On both Surface and Desktop Chrome browsers,  I have the same info doing navigator.userAgent like the tablet is a desktop... 


Is anyone got the same problem ? If yes, how can we solve this issue? 


Thanks for your help ! 

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