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CreateScreenshot with ColorCorrectionPostProcess


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Hey Babylon citizens! 

Hope you all are doing pretty good :)

I'm trying to use Babylon's createscreenshot function in order to get picture from scene at certain position of the camera.

And my problem that when I'm using ColorCorrectionPostProcess my screenshot is just black. Without this line - OK. And when I'm also using ParticleSystem it is not shows up on my screenshot.

Could it be any issue with that? Or it is just something wrong with my code?

Cannot create any PlayGround example because my function uses  color palette from file ->

var postColorProcessHighContrast = new BABYLON.ColorCorrectionPostProcess('color_correction', 'effects/highcon.png', 1.0, camera, null, engine, true);

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Roman... darned good to see you again!  We hope you are doing well, too!

Is your color palette in JS form?  Can you use this nifty little jQuery script includer seen in this Pryme8 demo (...of his cool new add-on playground pulldown menu).  *shrug* 

Maybe that will help you create a playground example of your issue.  And, maybe not.  :)

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On 3/19/2016 at 6:43 PM, Deltakosh said:

you can save your picture to imgur for instance

Hey Deltakosh - thanks one more time. I did not think about it, and I don't know why :) . But now I've got this issue! Appreciate your hint:)

Take a look at it - http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1BGQCX#10

If you comment line 130 and click on one of the objects - screenshot will be fine. With this color correction line - it is black!!!!  

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Oh wow it seems to work for me right now.... super weird...... But it did not work yesterday... SUX... But on my app still the same issue, black screenshot. I will try to run my localhost server on windows machine today, maybe my mac has some issues.

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Hey folks, does someone know how to delete this postprocess from camera?

I have this:    var postProcessBW = new BABYLON.BlackAndWhitePostProcess('Black and White', 1.0, camera);

And I need to stop this postprocess? How can I do it? Thanks

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