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Member isLocked for mesh


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I want a isLocked member , but it does not exist. I would lock an object to any changes even if an object is pickable.

By locking an object, you can not change it, nor materials, nor select ...

is there a similar function or member? or could it be possible to have a work like this in Babylon? 

Thank you

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I know isPickable Jerome, I use it for 3 years now, this is one of the first thing I learned from Babylon. I just wish that even if isPickable is true, it may not be selectable, or modify the materials and other level.
Basically, I want to lock an object of any changes to my editor. because all the objects are selectable.
IsPickable also do not want the change on materials. isPickable is not a verous on objects. I must keep my pickable objects

If users want avoid select an object or change by error, I wish he could add a Security locks that blocks any modification, selection, movement.

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Thank you for your help bring here. Here's what I did in the end if it can be useful to the other. I hope that Babylon soon get this kind of functionality. but in the meantime, I hope this can help.

I managed to block the entire object and unlock it. In made, I simply create a clone of the subject and I add it visibility is false. This new object will be rendered visible when I unlock the freeze objects. The object freeze  will be deleted then.

This works well in 2 directions.

	lockObjet = function()
		if(global.objetSelected) {	
			var name = global.objetSelected.name;
			global.objectsFreeze[name] = global.objetSelected.clone(name);
			global.objectsFreeze[name].visibility = false;
	unlockObjet = function()
		for(var i = 0; i < global.objets.length; i++) {	
			if(global.objectsFreeze[global.objets.name]) {
				global.objectsFreeze[global.objets.name].visibility = true;
				global.objets = global.objectsFreeze[global.objets.name];


global.objetSelected corresponds to all my global variables contained in a json: var global = {objetSelected : null, objets: [], objectFreeze: [], othervariable: valueDefaut};

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