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Has anyone started a discord channel for Phaser?


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Discord is a voice/chat that's rising in popularity in gaming communities. It looks a lot like Slack.


This is an invite link to the Game Developer League, https://discord.gg/0TYNJfCU4De7YIk8

They got channels for a lot of stuff, however not a channel for Phaser. But maybe rich or someone could talk to the admins about setting one up? I would love to be able to chat with other Phaser-developers :)

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I'm actually a developer at Discord, so consider me a tad bit biased. However, I think it could be worthwhile for the Phasers devs to look into switching over to Discord from Slack, and there are a couple reasons why.

1. Discord is and will always be free.

2. People can join the server via a link. This means no management of people's email addresses to add.

3. The maximum size of a Discord server can far outdo the maximum for Slack. Slack will cut off your organization at around 5-7000 members. Discord has servers with over 30k members and we've never capped a server due to too many users.


And I am not proposing this in a vacuum, the React developers recently switched over, you can read about why here: https://facebook.github.io/react/blog/2015/10/19/reactiflux-is-moving-to-discord.html


Anyways, my 2 cents. Obviously you guys already have some investment and a community in Slack, so it's not necessarily that simple to just switch over, but I thought I would post this as food for thought.


Edit: And another article with some information about why Discord over Slack - http://www.jordanhawker.com/posts/131477030371

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And in the interest of fairness, there is one thing that Discord does not really have yet over Slack, which is search.

Discord is primarily being marketed towards the gaming community, so I suppose it could be considered some good synergy (yeah, I said synergy xD) with Phaser being a game engine.


Discord doesn't really have integrations per se, but bots can be used to simulate some of those types of integrations

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I went ahead and created an unofficial Phaser Discord server.

You can access it by simply visiting this URL:


@rich if this is something that you'd be interested in making official, I'd be happy to manage it, or transfer ownership to you. Also, if you'd prefer me to just shut it down, I can understand that as well.

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